This arts portal is first and foremost a direct connection between those individuals who enjoy purchasing originally created handmade art & craft work, and those professionals who enjoy creating that work.

At Just Creations, there is no need to join a club, become a member, make up a username, remember a password, leave us your email, or jump through any other hoops. All we ask is that you sit back and enjoy your visits to the studio websites of the immensely talented people from around the world who exhibit via this online gallery.

While it is true that many of the "mall stores" that proliferate on the WWW were begun by people who have no real relationship with the products they offer for sale, this is not the case at Just Creations. Just Creations was established by artists who have been long-term exhibitors at the best juried crafts festivals all around the United States, and who now retain that same level of excellence for their online visitors.

This lifetime commitment to the intrinsic value of original handmade work is what gives Just Creations its unique stature as one of the most respected online galleries on the World Wide Web... we hope you will enjoy your visit, and will come back often!

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